Enterprise vision: Being China's best packaging product design and service company within 5 years


Enterprise mission: Making it possible to satisfy the customers’ demands with the excellent design and excellent service


○Company Value

一、The responsibility for customers

We are responsible for the products we offer, and regarding our customers and suppliers as our long-term partners.

1、Insisting on high quality at all costs to meet our customers’ needs;

2、Trying our best to reduce the costs to maintain reasonable prices for customers;

3、Offering the timely and accurate customer service;
4、Ensuring the suppliers’ interest.

二、The responsibility for employees

We are responsible for everyone who works side by side.

Everyone should be valued, we respect their dignity,

realize their value and make them feel secure in their work.

Safety enviorment:

Offering fair and adequate rewards and punishments,

the qualified employees should have equal employment,

training and promotion opportunities;


Helping our employees fulfill

their family responsibilities deliberately;


Providing competent management teams

whose actions must be fair and justice;

三、The responsibility for society

We are responsible for the community we live and work in, as well as the whole society;

1、Being good citizens - support charities and pay taxes in accordance with the law;

2、Encouraging to improve living standards as well as completing education and health care system;

3、Ensuring the safety of the property used and protecting the environment and natural resources from damage;

四、The responsibility for shareholders

We are responsible for the shareholders, they should reap a fair return after fulfilling their responsibility.

1、Making profits is a must for enterpris

2、Buying new equipment and new facilities and keeping on rolling out new products;

3、Trying the good ideas out and pushing forward with constant innovation, even if failures and mistakes are worth it;

4、Being prepared for adversity;