The fellowship activity for Shanghai Honwee Packing company and Sunshine Home

"Through this fellowship activity, we felt the concern of the caring people for the disabled, and let us show our talents through this platform as well as our positive and optimistic attitude towards life." the disabled workers said happily.

May 15, 2016 is the 26th statutory "National Hiran", and also the 17th "Shanghai Disabled Week" (May 9 to 15th). In order to reflect the concern of the party and the government to the poor disabled workers and advocate the good social fashion of disabled. In order to encourage people with disabilities to participate actively in social activities, integration into the community. "Sunshine Home and Honwee Packing company fellowship activities" was Jointly organized by the Town Federation of the Disabled and welfare enterprises and held in Sunshine Home.

 The fellowship begins with the "Best Future" of the Sign language song, the poetry recitation of the company's disabled workers’ "motherland, we dream together", interpretation of the care and fraternity of people with physical and mental disorders, advocated the disabled fashion, with love and dedication to make the vast number of disabled people feel the real love of the world. The disabled in Sunshine home  performed "On the road to happiness" expressed the love of a better life. The Chopsticks Dance "China style" showed the sharing of a blue sky and the joy of the dream. Lively and warm activity scene.2 units of disabled people actively participated in the field of interactive activities, so that the people present felt their strong character and optimistic attitude towards life, but also let them in the carefully choreographed activities to feel the social care. Finally, the chairman of Honwee packaging company and the head of the Sunshine Home exchanged gifts to complete the whole activity.

"The cause of disabled people is a public welfare cause, is a lofty and glorious cause, is the cause of human progress and justice." The observance of the International Day of Disabled persons will allow people to learn more about the disabled, care for the disabled and help the disabled. Here, we call on the caring people in all sectors of society to give them more love and let them feel the warmth of the social family in the cold winter.

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