2017 dreams continue to open up" New Year celebrations

"Monkey-year-old Ching, the sky Colorful, Rooster fortune, the earth." On January 18, 2017, Shanghai honwee for 2017 "dream, continue to open up" New Year celebrations, the company officially opened the curtain on the four floors.

This annual meeting, we have the honor to invite to come from Fengxian Welfare Enterprise Management Department of Qiu Red Stationmaster, Wanfengling teacher, Jinhui Sunshine home Shinping teacher, Li Lei teacher, Jin Hui, the president of the Federation of the Disabled, Jin Xinmin Political department summer teacher, and from the Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Zhu Danhong, their arrival to make us feel honored.

At the annual meeting, the Chairman said in his speech: "We will continue to open up our cause, to become a regional and even the national excellent packaging company's direction, for our staff to provide more development platform and opportunities." "Let each of us firmly believe that: Pay the ultimate return!" In addition, this year's excellent staff and team collaboration pioneer recognition greatly encouraged and inspired all the staff present, team collaboration pioneer Representative-quality department Wang Yabo's speech "Honor and disgrace coexist", so that we have a deep feeling, this New Year's festival by a vibrant "La La Dance" bright opening.

As one of the representatives of welfare enterprises, our company actively completes the cultural and spiritual construction of welfare staff, and the Dance of Welfare workshop is to make you beautiful. Performers are: Sanlian, Zhu Xiaomei, Shifengwen, Zhang Shefa, Wang Trillian and so on, the program wonderful, won the winning prize in one swoop, welfare staff Zhong Yifei for everyone brought a classic love songs "Rush The Dock", full of soulful voice and complete stage sense successfully captured the presence of the audience's heart.

Of course, other departments of the program is also colorful, have a funny and rich meaning of the sketch "Rob Red Envelopes", "Chang E Blind Date", the scene Rock "Elopement", full of exotic amorous feelings of "Indian style Dance", the novel unique "Hung for package show" and so on, the scene of the lottery will bring the atmosphere to the climax, the annual meeting lottery winning rate as high as 40%! Finally accompanied by a clear melody, the company Mister, on-site performance staff singing "Tomorrow will be better", pinned our vision for the 2017 and confidence, with the new Year's expectations and blessings, Honwee for 2017 "dream, continue to open up" New Year pageant gorgeous curtain.

Bearing the dream of the spring, in the new 2017, we Honwee for the dream will be along the track, continue to forge ahead, our packaging industry is a new world, I believe in the next 2017, we will be more brilliant!

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